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Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

Lady Luck  - Kristen Ashley

I liked LADY LUCK, but it wouldn't be my favorite book in the series at all. This right at this moment, would be my least favorite in the Colorado Mountain Series. In the beginning of the book, it was actually pretty good and things were moving along, but as soon as we hot Carnal, Colorado I began to loose interest. I swear it has something to do with that town. I miss the town in the first book, The Gamble. But I bloody swear it has something to do with the town. But anyway, LADY LUCK was very slow paced and things weren't moving along as fast as I hoped it would.

Anyway, we have our heroine, Lexi Berry, who I liked a lot. She was a bubbly heroine and it was a nice change to have an upbeat and happy heroine who seems to enjoy life and make the most of it. And like our hero, Ty says, she is a total goof! I enjoyed her presence. And our hero, Ty Walker was pretty cool. I mean, I didn't like him as much as the last two hero's. I didn't have a problem or anything with Ty, it's just sometimes you connect with characters and sometimes you don't and I just didn't connect with him on a huge level. But I thought seeing the romance bloom between Lexi and Ty was fun to watch.

I loved the friendship between Tate and Ty! I loved that we got things in Ty's POV. I hated the dirty cops. It is just wrong for someone to hate someone because of their color. I am half black like Ty is and it is a way I would hate to be treated and it isn't fair and plus it rubbed me the wrong way. People like that, that still discriminates, about anything about anyone, I hate that their are people like that. But anyway, there were some moments and heartbreaking scenes, so I did partly enjoy it, but like I said, it would probably be my least favorite book in this series.