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Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews

“One word,” he whispered, his voice taut with suppressed anger. “Say one word, and I’ll rip him apart. He won’t see the sunrise.” I looked into his eyes and realized he would.

I feel like I have been FOREVER for MAGIC RISES. I think been going totally insane for my Curran and Kate fix! But don't worry I am okay, I finally got that bloody book in my paws! YEEESSHHHH! Okay, enough about my nut of a self. MAGIC RISES was definitely a tad bit different from the previous books in the Kate Daniels Series.

The babies of the pack are dying because they can't handle the beast transformation, so the European packs have the medicine that reduces a child from going loup and Kate and Curran will do anything to get it. They will have to travel there and play into the hands of the European Pack. And we obviously know it's a trap of some kind, so Andrea, Rapheal, Mahon, and a few others tag along.

I wasn't a huge fan of this book taking place somewhere else, or the characters of the European pack. We still got that Kate Daniels aura though where it still felt like a Kate Daniels book. MAGIC RISES was so emotionally grinding to your heart in more ways than one. Kate and Curran are never boring and that fact still remains to be true.

He kissed my hair. “I’m used to watching for people with swords,” I told him. “I never saw the knife. You were too close.” “Kate, I didn’t stab you.” “Are you sure? Because it still hurts.”

Their relationship continues to grow, but there are moments in this book that literally breaks your heart in half! I WANTED TO SCREAM! I WANTED TO THROW THINGS ACROSS THE ROOM! And I WANTED TO SHOOT CURRAN IN THE LEG! And by the end I wanted to kiss Curran. I can't explain it! You'll just have to read it. But still those two make me SWOON! My heart goes to Kate as always. She is one hell of a woman and doesn't let anyone push her down. ANd I loved getting those "don't mess with me" moments

I think we're getting closer to meeting Roland. I for one can't wait for that to happen! It will forever be an EPIC MOMENT. I know that even before I end up reading it. Hugh finally makes an appearance and I have a love/hate relationship for the little bastard. The second half of the book was more Kate Daniels bad ass style and I loved it.

By now, from several rumors, I'm sure you know that a character dies in MAGIC RISES. I am pissed about. For me, every side character I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I have a place in my heart for all of them, so I would be pissed for any of them to die. But this particular character really made an impact in the series and I was sad to see them go. I say, Peace, I Love you and you will forever be remembered. All and all, a pretty awesome book! OMFG to the ending, please continue! I'm looking forward to the next as always, so HURRY UP AND RELEASE ALREADY!!!