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Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley

“Tatum Jackson, you’re lucky you’re a smokin’ hot, badass, biker, bounty hunter who looks good in jeans and is a good dad and I love you or you would seriously not be worth it.”

I have tried this book four times and I have finally made it past a point where I enjoyed it. It was like having a battle. SWEET DREAMS felt dead. I'm going to refrase that. It felt dead in the first half of the book to me. I despised the first half of the book. I"m going to be honest. I hated the first half of the book. I think this book had took a complete 180 turn where I didn't expect that we would be thrown into a completely different town and atmosphere compared to the first book. And I wish it revolved around the first book, the same town, the same characters. Me not liking this whole new change, is an understatment.

Now the second half of SWEET DREAMS was more my style and I"m glad that I made it to that part of the book to continue on because the second half was beautifully written and at that point I could not stop reading. What I didn't like in the beginning. The heroine, Lauren was such a bore and she felt like her life ended, because her husband cheated on her for five years, so she moves to a crappy ass town and becomes a waitress. Like what? I"m just going to say I didn't really connect with her that much. She came off as annoying the first half.

“His forehead dropped to touch mine. “I’m gonna piss you off ‘cause I can be a dick. That’s who I am. And you’re gonna piss me off ‘cause, babe, you got attitude. That’s who you are. And that’s who we’re comin’ out to be together. And I’m all right with that because, with what I had before, even when you’re a bitch, I like it. But when you’re not, it’s a sweetness the like I’ve never tasted.”

Tate and Lauren are fighting through the beginning of the book or not getting along because Tate was a FUCKING JERK and suddenly, like that with a snap of a finger, they are all like baby this and baby that. I mean, where the hell did the character/relationship development go?! And I swear if Lauren says sorry one more time I'm going to go bonkers. I guess I wished the first half of the book could of went differently.

And now the second half of SWEET DREAMS we had a good storyline with Tate's ex causing trouble and Tate's son in te mix and I had my eyes glued to the page from that storyline. Tate's ex, Neeta was a total bitch and Tate's son, Jonas was so adorable it was hard to believe he was only 10 years old. I love when children are thrown into the mix in a book, because it mixes things up and they are always o cute. I fell in love with Jonas!

SWEET DREAMS was a hell of a book and it did have it's moments, but I wish they first half of the book could have been written a bit differently or something. For me the first half didn't sit well and it caused me to wanna drop this book so many times, but I'm glad I stuck with it, because the second half made it well worth my while. I'm looking forward to more from the lovey, Kristen Ashley.