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Burned by PC Cast, Kristin Cast

Burned: A House of Night Novel - 'P. C. Cast',  'Kristin Cast'

at the beginning i liked this book quite a bit but toward the mid-end i thought it was kind of slow. there is too much stevie rae POV and her POV is sooooo boring. i rather they had more of aphrodite's POV. i liked how stevie rae and rephaim's relationship developed. i cannot wait to see how that turned out. it seems like stark was zoey's leftovers to me b/c she was all like i love heath so much, dont leave me but then its like then so moved rite on to stark. i mean if heath didnt die who would she choose?? but i dont knoe if that was all b/c of the soul shattering thing. probally was. and then the previous books kalona was all about how he wanted zoey but in the little bit that we seen kalona it seems like he didnt even care for her, i knoe its said in their that kalona loves nyx, but god, make up ur mind. i hope he gets free from nefret though. i dont really think he is all bad. i was debating wheather to give this a 3 or a 4. b/c it was half good..but i think i will give it a rating of a 3.