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Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh

***2.5 rating***
i really wanted to like this book and going into it i thought i would. i didnt hate the book, but it was so hard to get through. the first book angel's blood was soooo much better and i just expected the sequel to be better b/c in most series that's the case but this book was such a huge disappointment. it mite have been just b/c elena is healing and recovering from turning from mortal into immortal. the first half of the book was way better than the second half but still a bit slow, where second half of the book = BORDOM!! i loved the beginning scenes wit elena and rapheal, thought they were cute and sweet and with the whole having to hold out on sex b/c elena was healing and they were teasing each other a bit. i also loved dimtri scenes, but i felt we didnt get that much dimirti which was another disappointment. the ending leads to a "stand-off" battle of some kind and it ended in 2 pages.

i really hope that the next book will be better, im willing to give mumber 3, archangel's consort a chance b/c book 1, angel's blood was really good, and sometimes authors have one bad book that i wont like. but i have hopes for the third one and mite as well read that one, i think its the last in the series. there's still so much more that will happen hopefully.