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Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

Night Myst - Yasmine Galenorn

this is my first time trying out this author and i dont know if its the author's writing or just the book/series but i did not like it! at first it seemed okaiexz, and i thought that the story would pick up or something but there were some parts i just couldn't stand. the cover was awesome so i thought i'd like the book, but covers can eb decieving.

im not to into the main character or really any of the characters for that matter in this book. the heroine's love interest, greive(fae prince) he is okaiexz, but it's not like OMG. i love this guy, like some of the other urban fantasy series ive read. and what i hated and maybe its just my preference, but i hated the vampire part where she made that deal to work for them in spying on the indigo court. she is doing the vamps a favor and if she doesnt excerpt they threaten her and then the whole contract thing they won't help find heather unless she offers herself up to lannan, well offers blood, but it is way more than that. when she has to give her blood to him he completely humiliates her and exposes her completely and its kind like the vamps think she should feel grateful or something, or like the vamps are way better than her.

and regina, ugh...that bitch just pisses me off. i cant stand her. she is just as worse if not more than her brother lannan. i mean they want her to help them so they should treat her a little more kindly.

and greive, he is so mad or something or dark when we first meet him and that did not do anything for me, i wanna knoe why? we do find out later, but its kinda like we meet him and then like who is this guy and then the voice person in the heroine's head, im like who is that b/c we dont know and im kinda confused and and we dont find out that for awhile.

i just didnt like this book and will not be continueing the series, i may check out one more book from this author is find out if it was just the book that i didnt like or the author's writing style.