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Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Firelight - Sophie Jordan

***3.5 rating***

i felt like i kinda heard this story before, not so much heard to before, but everything was predictable. and so many things bothered me and there were also things i liked about the story. there r so many characters i hate in the series it is sooooo funny. i hate the pack or pride whtever it is called, i think it is ridcilous how they treat there own kind( i mean considering the clipping of the wings). everyone belongs to themselves not anyone else. i hated her family, her sister and her mother. tamra goes on and on(and it seems like every single chapter) about how selfish jacinda is. if u ask me she's the most selfish brat in the series. she annoys me so much, everything is about her! and her mother is just as bad, she cant expect jacinda to change how it is she is. what she is? to make her kill the draki in her is ridciolous. it is apart of her. you cannot she force her and expect her to become accustom to it rite away. Of course i dont like the hunters also.

the characters i did like were jacinda, cassian and will. i didnt mind her friends either. i love will and i want to learn more about him and hope this forbidden loev story turns out okay for jacinda and will. i hope they get their happily ever after without the hunters and the pride interferring their life. Cassian to me is a mysterious character. i dont even knoe if i will be hating him yet. Like i have no idea if he will betray jacinda. I mean will he allow the pride to clip her wings off, and does he really actually lover her or is it as tamra said, that he wants her just because of wht she is, a fire-breather. I also want to knoe more about jacinda's father.

this book was half and half for me, but the last part of the book really sped up for me quite a bit and the ending is a cliffhanger and of course ill see what will happen in the next book, but i really hope that it is better than this book, maybe more about cassian and the pride. i can live without her mother in the next book(god, i hate that woman). but overall this was a pretty good start to a first in a series. and very unique wit the draki/dragons.