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Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Frostbite - Richelle Mead

oh. my. the sequel, frostbite was amazing. i loved every minute of it. i liked that we got to see rose's mother and also some new characters, including adrian. OMG. i love him. i laugh everytime i read about adrian. i thought it was funny at the end when rose found out that adrian was staying at the academy. i was like YAH!!!!!! hahahaha. i was happy to see mia change a little bit toward the end. it was nice. but i thought this book was just as good as the first and i need to run up to the library and grab shadow kiss rite now!

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I really thought that the first book in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series was a great start into the series, but Frostbite blew me away. Frostbite was even better than Vampire Academy. In the second installment of Vampire Academy, Dimitri takes Rose to meet a very famous guardian to test her skills so far, but when they arrive they find the house destroyed and everyone inside of it. Many Strigoi have joined forces together and attacked a Royal Moroi Family. Many have begun to worry , so they gather at St. Vladamir's Academy where it is safe and also the dhampirs protecting the Moroi. A ski trip is just what everyone needs to take their mind off of this tragic event. Rose meets Adrian on the ski trip who is the ultimate bad boy and get this he is related to Rose's best friends, Lissa! Mason has growing feelings for Mason, but Rose has very strong feelings for Dimitri that she just can't ignore. But their love is forbidden. What is Rose to do? It does not help matters when her mother shows up and Rose does not like the idea of her mother her, they have a very bad relationship. Things turn from bad to worse when a few students go off campus and find themselves into some unexpected trouble which may get them all killed.

I am really addicted to this series. God, I loved this book! Rose is still as bad-ass as ever. I learn more about her in the fact that she does not like her mother that well. I find that Rose's mother is wonderful and that maybe if they both talked things through about the way they feel, that maybe they could have a better relationship with each other. Rose's mother is known as a very famous guardian, but a bad mother to Rose. I think Rose is just lonely. She grew up with Lissa, where her mother always dropped her off places and goes and join the action in fighting Strigoi. I have a feeling that they will both grow closer in the future.

I know that I love Rose and Dimitri and I do. It's just Adrian is consuming me! I love Adrian. I have never felt so conflicted about who Rose should truly end up with. I think that Adrian and Dimitri are both good choices for her. Dimirtri, they guy that she has strong feelings for and truly wants to be with and Adrian, he is Moroi and the bad boy! I love everything that comes out of Adrian's mouth. His character needs to be included in Vampire Academy. He is so funny, a real charmer. And we find out another little detail about him that you will just have to read to find out.

I loved the ending, Mead is so good with ending. It makes you want more. This series has everything that you want, romance, action, suspense, drama, you name it! I really enjoyed this book and Dimitri and Rose trying fight their feelings for each other. This is a series that everyone young adult and vampires fan should check out! Frostbite did not disappoint! I can't wait to read Shadow Kiss!