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Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead

im kinda in between on this book, ill probally have to read the next one to see if the georgina kincaid series gets any better. i hope it does. i still love richelle mead's writing, but with all of her series i tend to like the guy that the heroine in the story will not end up with. i didnt really like seth that much, he seemed soooo boring and in PNR and UF read i yern for the bad boys. seth was shy and quiet and of course with the ending i think georgina will end up with seth. i perfer roman. i loved him! he was sooo funny and definitely my bad boy, but i did feel like seth and georgina had something more special between them. georgina is very lovable, hard not to like her. and also some other amazing characters in here too that you can obsess over.

i loved the ending, with the mythology reference about thetis and peleus. after i finished that part i was like awww....so its like the ending really makes me wanna continue this series and i think i wont be disapointed with continuing b/c this is richelle mead we're talking about and i love richelle mead's series!