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Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane

Unholy Magic - Stacia Kane

UNHOLY MAGIC is most definitely the better read than the previous UNHOLY GHOSTS, but apparently this will have to be categorized as the series everyone loves but me.

After UNHOLY GHOSTS I was greatly let down, and from recommendations that the series does get better I took a shot at the second, UNHOLY MAGIC. I admit that I was able to understand what was going on better and understood the Downside talk more which was a plus, but I was unable to really get into the book. Reading this book still felt like a chore to discover this series hidden potential and I haven't discovered it. There where parts of the book where I am like maybe I'll like this afterall. It was all over the place to really good to umm. I'm bored.

I do get why everyone has Terrible Fever. I think I may have developed the syndrome while reading this book, but Terrible alone was not enough to sit through more from this series. Terrible is a very unique character, one that I am glad that I had the pleasure to meeting and getting to know more of. One thing is that Terrible was described as ugly, but to me he is hot. I wonder, do any of you girls feel the same?

All in all you either love this series or hate it. It can go either way. I think that I may have really had a problem with the drugs in this series and decisions I was unhappy the heroine, Chess made. So I do recommend reading this series because there is only a minority of us who do not like it, but it is a very interesting and unique series, I'll give it that, but personally the series was just not for me.

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