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Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione

Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione

Fan of the Demonica Series? WHat are you waiting for then. Lariisa Ione's Demonica Series is my all-time favorite Paranormal Romance and learning that there would be a spin off I screamed with joy.

Some of you may remember Ares from the end of the last and final Demonica book, SIN UNDONE as the sexy warrior who was rumored to belong to EVILOVE.com. Ares is the second Horsemen of the Apocalypse known as War. Ares is so hot. Okay, I know I probaly had said that about all the guys in the Demonica world but it's so true.

Ares is a fighter and a bit serious at times. I am sure that Ares drove a few people crazy at times. He was an ass a lot of the time to his future lover, Cara. He fights his feelings for her and it is just so frustrating to watch and you're going crazy for the whole book wondering when he is going to accept that he is in love with Cara. But when they finally do get it on they became so hot that stream came out of the pages.

Cara would not be my favorite heroine out of the other heroines from the Demonica Series, but she was quite interesting I'll admit. She has had a troubling past and part of that past has to do with this special gift she has. At the beginning I felt that Cara was too weak, but she did grow into a woman that is suitable for Ares. She has to fight for her life and she turns into a real warrior.

We do get guest appearences from our favorite Demonica characters and it was quite a treat. I missed them so much. But to give the question out was Eternal Rider better than Demonica series? I can't give that out yet for the fact that only one book of the spin off series, Lord of the Deliverance is out, but right now I am still more in love with the Demonica series.

I am looking forward to reading about the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse and I hope that they are just as great and Ares was because I am ready for more.

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