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Storm Born by Richelle Mead

Storm Born - Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead is amazing, simply amazing. Not only is her Vampire Academy Series a favorite of mine, but also I may have found a love in her adult urban fantasy series, Dark Swan. I was about to give up on fae books. I have only read a few, but STORM BORN turned out to be a real page turner.

We have the main character, Eugenie who is really just like all my favorite urban fantasy heroines. They basically all have one trait in common. They kick some serious ass. I found Euguine quite funny too. Her life isn't easy either. She recently finds out she is the daughter of the deceased fae king, The Storm King and there is a prophecy going around that his daughters son will rule the world and every fae is trying to rape her and be the father of that son. Yea. Eugenie has a lot on her plate.

"Oh, God. I’m trapped in the fucking Chronicles of Narnia." "I’m sure that would be an amusing reference, if I understood it."

We have two hot love interests, which means, yea, you guessed it. A love triangle! Kiyo is the hot shape shifting fox her steps into Eugenie's life and he makes it known that he is interested in her. To be honest I hate Kiyo. At the beginning I thought I would be the one cheering Kiyo on, but boy was I wrong. Part of it has to do with this huge secret and it's not one of those secrets where the girl says, yea, okay, whatever. It's a secret where it can damage the relationship for him keeping it in the first place.

And we have the sexy Dorian. Ooohhhh. I love this guy. He is king, of course and he is really funny and I always have a huge smile on my face when we have a scene with Dorian. He wants the Storm King's prophecy to come true, but he's not going to rape her to make it happen. I think Dorian has his own agenda, but to me he is real and a heart a good man and honest unlike Kiyo.

"That’s the last time you’re going to kiss me,” I warned when it ended. He smiled knowingly, and in his eyes, I could see his own memories of that night. “So you say."

I just love how Richelle Mead is able to get me so worked up with these characters that this book has been all I've been thinking about. I think STORM BORN was a great start to the Dark Swan Series and I am looking forward to the next book, Thorn Queen.

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