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Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance

Claimed By Shadow - Karen Chance

CLAIMED BY SHADOW was even better than the first book in the Cassandra Palmer Series, Touch of Frost. I am amazed how each book in this series exceeds my expectations.

CLAIMED BY SHADOW was a bit different from Touch the Dark in my opnion. We are not constantly surround by those wicked hot vampires. Even though we weren't I love it all the same because we are constantly around hot tempered mage, Pritkin.

Okay. He has a hot temper but I love that hot temper of his. To be honest I was all for Micrea and wanted to push Pritkin down some cliff, but now I have completely switched sides. It's funny how an author can do that, isn't it? Make you hot for the guy you hated in the previous book.

CLAIMED BY SHADOW had funny and sexy moments and I got to see some of my favorite characters again, as well as new ones. I can't wait to see what the Circle and the Vampire Senate has in store for Cassie next. I love Cassie and her fun dialogue. I will never get enough of this girl. I am looking forward to seeing how she handles her new powers.

"Girlfriend," I told her, blinking to clear the blood out of my vision, "you so do not want to fuck with me today.”

Like always there is tons of action and lots of descriptive scenes, but I loved it like no other. And god, the ending was killer. I am really looking forward to the next Cassandra Clare book now, because it looks like Cassie and Pritkin will be spending some one and one time together.

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