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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins

I have heard a million wonderful reviews about THE HUNGER GAMES. This and that! Oh, my god! Peeta and Gale! THE HUNGER GAMES! THE HUNGER GAMES! I think I must have read a different book from everyone else because I didn't not see the "Oh, so incredible amazement" behind this book.

When I first received this book I expected to be blown out of my mind. I expected greatness and I felt so weird being singled out totally not getting what was so great about this series. Maybe it was just the writing because I thought the plot and characters were absolutely amazing. Could that be the problem?

Anyway, when I started the book I went from being bored to liking it and excited to being bored again, rinse and repeat. That was a negative for me. It took me at least 100 pages to really get into the story and be able to pay attention. And I became distracted very easily while reading this book.

I loved the characters. Let's start with Katniss and Peeta! I loved them. I didn't see Katniss as the strong character readers came her to be, but she did leave an impression on me. I loved her emotions throughout the book and her fierceness. And the fact that she was the only one to give up her own live to protect her loved one, her sister. I really admire her.

It took me a little while to really see who Peeta was. He was the guy who confessed that her loved Katniss on national television and she totally thought he was insulting her or something when he said it. And the stone cold truth is that he meant every word and she thinks it was just for show to make the audience love them both. I loved Peeta and you could tell he cares about Katniss but Katniss is totally oblivious to it. Open your eyes, Katniss! Peeta is in love with you! For real!

Of course we have Haymitch, Effie,and Cinna. They helped Peeta and Katniss get ready for THE HUNGER GAMES and I really liked they're characters! I felt they were very real characters that I could love. But basically the real fact of the matter is that I was bored out of my mind.

I thought the plot of THE HUNGER GAMES had real potential big time! I feel like the thought of throwing children in a game of killing each other for sport where people watch was sick and I felt like I heard this plot line before somewhere or it just seems like the easiest idea for a story line, but that's just me!

But like I said the plot had huge potential and I understand why everyone likes it, but I felt like the book was slow and I wasn't thinking about it non-stop or anything. I do not know if I will read the next book in THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy, Catching Fire yet. I think I want to wait til I watch the film adaptation, because like I said this trilogy has big potential.

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