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Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison

I really liked Dragon Bound so it was quite a surprise when I came upon STORM'S HEART and didn't like it and when I say I didn't like it, I mean it. I felt like this book was unreadable in so many ways. If you cannot connect with a book you just can't and that's what exactly happened in STORM'S HEART

The beginning was a pain to get through and I've had to skim quite a bit of it and wanted to at least to a certain point in the book hoping that I'd to get that point where the book started getting good, but that never happened. Each and every chapter well hell to get through. I didn't connect to the heroine or hero either. STORM'S HEART was such a disappointment which was kind of weird, because I loved the first book, Dragon Bound. But I plan on giving this series another chance. Hopefully the next book won't fail me.