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The Better Part of Darkness - Kelly Gay THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS was a weird book because I liked it and didn't like it. There were times where it was slow and I didn't really get what was going on and part where I was completely into what was going on. The characters were great and I really enjoyed them, but the plot bored me to a point where I was skimming through parts of the book.

Charlie has the personality of a lot of my favorite Urban Fantasy Heroines. She's very stubborn sometimes and she has a temper on her, but you love her toughness. Charlie is a detective who has a kid and an ex husband and oh, she died and came back to life. So things are a little complicated. There were times where I was annoyed with Charlie and she wouldn't be my favorite Urban Fantasy Heroine, but she was an enjoyable leading lady.

“Please tell me you’re laying low.” “Um …” I held the phone away from my ear as Hank yelled. “Damn it! I knew it! I knew you couldn’t stay out of trouble for one day. One day, Charlie!”
I love Hank! I want Hank! Oh, Hank, please marry me! Hank is Charlie's partner in crime who is a siren, which he has the ability to to voice people, which is kinda cool and hot. Hank is a funny character and I may have not been able to finish the book if not for him. I think his humor and charm really made me want to continue. And boy, is he a charmer. There wasn't much romance though in THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS, but hopefully in the other books there will be.

“Whoa, I know you like to manhandle me and all, but this should probably wait until we’re alone.” “Shut up, Hank.”
We also have Will, Charlie's ex. He betrayed Charlie in a way that she simply cannot forgive and I understand where Charlie is coming from. And it gets complicated where she still loves him, but she has to be able to forgive him for things to move forward. Will is okay, I didn't really care all that much for his character though. I'd have to be really into the book to comment on the heroine having a kid and I wasn't.

All in all it was really just an okay book to me. THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS didn't really stand out in terms of all the Urban Fantasy books I have read. I plan on reading the sequel to see if the author brings anything more to the story and hopefully she does.

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