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Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington

It seems these days that angel books have been letting me down greatly. They've been okay, but not great beyond words. It was the same with EMBRACE. Maybe the problem could be that my expectations for angels books are too high or that I'm not not into angel books all too much because from all of them I have read I'm not really ever got a WOW reaction from the book. EMBRACE was good and enjoyable, but it didn't reach my expectations.

One huge thing is I couldn't really relate or care much about the characters. I mean at points within the book I was into them, but that was only when something majorily exciting was happening. But the characters didn't stand out to me.

The love interests do make you go swoon, but they seems too perfect. I mean I couldn't really choose a side because they both, again, didn't stand out in any way to me. One was basically a hottie and the other was another hottie that was considered on the evil side of things.

I did love the romance scenes though. Violet and Lincoln was really intense and there's a forbidden romance type thing going on, which I would really like a real reason for the romance being forbidden. But Violet and Lincoln were hot! And, for some reason I didn't care much for Phoenix, but I felt like he was just a second wheel, because it seems obvious that Violet wanted to be with Lincoln and I felt like Violet was using Phoenix and things seem to have gone to far in my opinion.

There were just small little things in EMBRACE that bugged me a bit, but basically I did enjoy the book to some extent, where it was a good read and enjoyable a little bit, but overall I wouldn't call it one of the best I've read.

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