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Perception by Kim Harrington

Perception - Kim Harrington

I was extremely excited to read Perception because I loved Clarity so much! Even though Perception was pretty good, I felt like it was missing a few things that Clarity had. I still immensely enjoyed it though.

In Perception another girl just went missing and Clarity finds herself having a secret admirer turned "secret admirer stalker" and at first it is exciting to have someone else like her but later on it turns a little creepy and scary. Clarity is also at the point of figuring out which guy she wants to be with, Gabriel or Justin.

A lot of things have turned out different from Clarity. Clare turns popular because of the events of the last book with her finding the murderer and all. Which of course she knows everyone only wants to be her friends because of her pshyic ability. With the secret creepy stalker she has, she is unable to use her psyoic ability because the stalker leaves no prints on the items he leaves for her.

And with that I didn't like that with having to solve a case like a regular person that Clare seemed different. Just because someone else she knows that she is close with her suddenly accuses of being her stalker. It is like, "please be for real, Clare!" There were a few really stupid decisions that I didn't like that Clare made.

Also, We have Gabriel and Justin. They seemed totally different in the last book. And in, Perception it really felt like they both had one personality, "the love interests". All I seen were them being kind and all flirty and that was it. Gabriel acted totally different in the last book and it felt like both of them weren't involved much in this book that much. I started liking Gabriel more because he immediately went into love interest! Pick me! Pick me! "mode". Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but the sudden change was weird to me.

Without the little minor problems that I questioned, I really liked the book. I like this murder mystery case slightly better than the last book.

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