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Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks

Of Poseidon was like my first mermaid book and it was a wonderful first! All I knew before I started this book was that I LOVED the cover and the synopsis drew me in immediately, especially with the word, "Prince". I loved my princes! Anyway, as soon as I picked up the book I couldn't stop! Of Poseidon was definitely one of the best young adult books I've read this year.

Emma was a great heroine for this book. She is smart and tough which I loved. It has been hard for Emma with loosing her best friend. But she is trying to figure out what and who exactly she is, especially since she has gained the attention of Prince Galen.

"Emma, we don't have to kiss. She already knows I want to sleep with you." He cringes as soon as he says it. He doesn't have to look up to know the sizzling sound in the kitchen is from Rachel spitting her pineapple juice into the hot skillet. "What I mean is, I already told her I want to sleep with you. I mean, I told her I wanted to sleep with you because she already thinks I do. Want to, I mean--" If a Syrena could drown, this is what it would feel like."

OMG! Galen! I love you! Galen reminds me of many of my favorite Young Adult heros. He can be so adorable sometimes. One thing I didn't like is that even though it is so obvious that he loves he, Emma is supposedly suppose to belong to his older brother to mate with. With I totally don't believe at this point. I just wanted to shout! "Fight for her! You totally love her!" Galen is just everything you want in a young adult hero though! Hot, sweet, caring, and mega jealous!

Okay, it looked as bad as I thought it did. Like a child, I close my eyes as if they can’t see me either. The fire from the kiss broadcasts itself all over me in the form of a full- body blush. Galen laughs. “There it is,” he says, running his thumb over my bottom lip. “That is my favorite color. Wow.” I’m going to kill him.

Galen has a sister and best friend, Rayna and Toraf! I totally hated Rayna. She acts like a spoiled little brat and doesn't think before she speaks. So unsensitive and I loved Torafm though I have no idea what he sees in Rayna. Though they were cute together.

Of Poseidon was a wonderful book and I loved all the sweet and funny moments! A lot of this book was just so cute. Hopefully in the next book we'll get some answers to what the hell is going to happen next because the ending was just killer! I mean why oh, why did it have to end like that!? I needed more! Hopefully in the next book we'll get an explanation and hopefully some more cute Galen and Emma moments to go along with it! Well, of course we will!

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