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The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa

I wanted to love THE IMMORTAL RULES, I honestly did! I had read Julie Kagawa's, The Iron King and didn't like it and I thought maybe that was because I am very picky with fae books. I wasn't going to give THE IMMORTAL RULES a chance because of my bad experience with The Iron King but upon witnessing all the high ratings and hype around the book I reconsidered. I really wish I didn't. Because I so very much wanted to murder this book.

The beginning started out so slow and boring and I thought that was to be expected because I have read quite a few books that started out that way and soon after it jumped into some amazing story that I couldn't stop reading. That didn't happen with THE IMMORTAL RULES. I was bored non-stop asking myself, "When the hell is this book going to pick up?" I, myself can't stand books that are slow-paced, and boring so this did not fly well for me.

Allie seemed to whinny to me. I didn't like her, but I didn't hate her either. She didn't leave much of an impression on me to be honest. When Kanin showed up, yes, I liked him okay, but he seemed so robot-ish to me, which I know he acts how most older vampires do, but I wanted more of a personality from him. Between Allie's time as a human and til when she turned and spent a lot of time with Kanin, the story seemed to drag and not go anywhere. It wasn't just the writing that I detested. It was the characters as well.

I just struggled to get through THE IMMORTAL RULES. It was most definitely not for me, and probably this author is not for me either. I'm disappointed because I thought it was going to be this really cool new YA Series with a unique Dystopian world and some kick ass action attached to it. Unfortunately I am disappointed in yet another YA Debut.

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