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A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

They only made it to an empty hall before he pressed her against the wall, cupped her neck, and demanded once again, “You’ll stay with me?” “Always.”

A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER was a big surprise, because under that horrible cover and title there is something amazing inside this book. A beautifully written story that I came to absolutely love. I guess I should always remind myself not to judge a book by its cover.

“Why did you never make love before?” he rumbled in her ear, then hissed in a breath when she cupped
his heavy sack.

He knew? Could he feel? “There’s no one…For what I am, there was no one who…” She struggled for a word that meantno one my family wouldn’t kill. “No one—”

“Who was no’ disqualified from the competition.” His lips curled. Wicked grin. Wicked Lykae. With his slow, hot touch.


“Then it’s good we found each other.” He grasped her neck, holding her to face him.

A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER is another one of those destined mate books, but it's one of those destined mate books that was done right this time. Lachlain is the hero of this story and he is Lykae and king, which is a werewolve and he starts out in the book finding his mate, Emma who happens to be part vampire, part-valkryie. Though he thinks she is just vampire so in teh begnning he trears her horribly, not caring since he has an attitude that she is the enemy and she is just a vampire.

“I don’t want your home and I don’t want you,” she cried. “Not when you’vehurt me like this.”
His body went tense and his expression turned bleak. As though he’dfailed . “Tell me how.”
“When you lied, it…it hurt.”

Lachlain was hurt and vampires is his enemies, so I understand why he was so cruel to Emma in the beginning, but still it was hard to read the beginning and a little scary. But as the story goes on he softens up on her and becomes totally swoon worthly. Lachlain is so sweet and gentle once you get to know him and he gots that sexy Scottie accent. May I swwon again, PLEASE?!

“You will never be like those vampires. Emma, you are nothing like them.” “How can you be so certain?” “You are kind and gentle. You feel compassion. I would no’ want you so strongly if I dinna know you
are these things.”

Emmaline is our heroine and she is unlike any heroine I have ever read about. Emma has that shy personality to her and is untouched and it makes for an inetresting heroine. This bothered quite a few people, her weakness, but I actually liked it because it was a good change, most heroines are strong-willed woman. I thought Lachlain and Emmaline were a good pair.

There were parts in A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER where I was bored and also parts seemed to drag on a bit, and I got tired or the narration, but still this was a great read and I wish I would have read this book sooner, but at least a fair amount of books are out in the Immortals After Dark Series. I cannot wait to plow through the rest of them and hope they are equally if not more enjoyable.

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