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The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead

I feel like I've given this spin-off series a fair chance. But honestly, The Bloodlines Series is just not doing it for me. There were times in THE GOLDEN LILY when I screamed in excitement in certain scenes, but they only lasted a few pages and then I was back to "Bordom-Ville".

I love Vampire Academy and I loved Adrian and I so wanted to love love and love some more. But in my honest opinion. And I need to say that again, Honest Opinion, this series is not doing Adrian justice. I loved Adrian in The Vampire Academy Series. I absolutely adored him and Dimitri as the love interests. But that spark I felt is dead. I feel nothing. I"ll tell you it was such a struggle to get through THE GOLDEN LILY. I put this book down so many times I couldn't even keep track of the count.

THE GOLDEN LILY was unbelieveable predictable to me. A real bore. I just can't get through this with Sydney being the heroine. She. is. so. BORING. I like my heroines bad ass! Adult and YA books! I mean they have to have some backbone and be unpredictable and have a "voice" to them, maybe a sense of humor too. Sydney and Adrian are not horrible together.

That last scenes was amazing, but I don't see the spark and passion in it. I know it's too early too in the series, but I seen the spark with Rose and DImitri in the first book! I saw potential and I saw amazing main characters, and dialogue. I don't see that in Bloodlines. I felt that Adrian deserved better as in as good or even better than the Vampire Academy but we are far from that. I think by now I should care what's happening, about these characters, but I don't. I could care less because of the dullness. But I'm done. It was pure hell trying to get through this book and I don't think I could sit through another one.