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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer

I admit I was a little terrified to read WOLFSBANE. I had no freaking clue of the contents inside this book, but after flipping the first page I could not put the book down. It was like I was possessed and if I put the book down I could not stop thinking about it. Oh, man Andrea Cremer has done it again!

WOLFSBANE picks up right where Nightshade left off. Calla is now in the searchers hands and being taught all her life that the searchers are the evil ones she is quite un-trusting of them. Calla finds out just how much lying her beloved Keepers have been doing. And Calla decides it is time to get her pack back, it should be really easy, right? Well, guess again. Nothing is easy in the world of Nightshade.

I seriously thought this book has changed so much from Nightshade and in a very good way. I wasn't completely in love with the first book to be honest, I mean I liked it and the ending had me guessing while glued to my seat, but Andrea Cremer really stepped it up in WOLFSBANE. I think I was completely caught off guard that I didn't expect to be this blown away.

"Staring at the wreckage of the life we could have had, I knew it wasn't about love or Shay or the Searchers now. It was about sacrifice and redemption, loss that could have new meaning."

We meet some new characters in WOLFSBANE and I love them to death. Great character development. I mean we have some really fun and loving characters that you don't ever want to forget. And some secrets to be revealed that will blow your socks off.

Ren and Shay. Ren and Shay. Oh, my god. I am becoming Team Shay, when the hell did that happen? We got to spend more time with Shay than Ren in this book and we got to learn more about Shay. He is very overprotective and jealous in this book. I am liking that. And I don't know, I have really become conflicted in this book. I love both Ren and Shay!

"Yeah, she is great. I spent the whole week with her.
"Doing what?" I asked, catching a growl before it left my throat. "Aw, you're cute when you're jealous."

I declare WOLFSBANE one of the best YA books of 2011! It deserves it big time. Secrets will be revealed, deaths that will make you mourn, steamy hotness between characters and a bloody cliffhanger that will make you go insane. I loved this book to death and I think that Andrea Cremer enjoys being evil with all these damn cliffhangers she writes. I am highly anticipating the last of the Nightshade Trilogy, Bloodrose, coming February 2012.

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