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Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

Blood Promise - Richelle Mead

i really liked the fourth book from the vampire academy series. i heard some people say it wasnt really that good but i really liked it. i liked that we got to go meet dimitri's family and also that we finally get to meet rose's father. i always wondered about her father and i kind of liked him. people say that they had dimitri in this book but wht do u expect he's a strigoi now. i still kinda liked the evil dimitri a little bit. he seems so different from other strigoi. after being turned he still wants rose. i really hope that in the next book that rose is able get dimitri back!

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And Again, we have another OMG moment at the ending that leaves you craving for book 5, Spirit Bound. The ending of Blood Promise left you surprised and most definitely was set up for book 5, Spirit Bound. Oh, yea. The ending will drive you mad wanting to get your hands on Spirit Bound.

In the last book, Shadow Kiss Rose found out that the love of her life had been turned Strigoi and so she decided to keep to the promise they made each other, if each one of them had been turned Strigoi they would rather die. So Rose decided to keep to that promise. Rose set out on her journey to kill the man she loved. The real question is would she be able to do it? In Blood Promise, we find Rose traveling to Russia, Dimitri's home country. And she meets quite a few new people. But she finally comes face to face with Dimitri, but now he is not the Dimitri that Rose loved, He's is a Strigoi. At the Academy, we keep in contact with Lissa and Adrian and it is just not the same with Rose gone and they end up facing a few problems of their own.

I admit Blood Promise was a little different than the other three books because Rose was not at the Academy. She is in the real world by herself. It was just so different no having her at the Academy for the majority of the book. This book at a slow start but it did really pick up. While Rose is on her journey we meet a few new characters. Sydney, who is a alchemist Rose meets. Abe, is the mysterious Moroi who saved her life and brought her to safety. The Belikov's, who is Dimitri's family and a new couple who is shadow kissed just like Rose and Lissa. I really enjoyed all of these new characters and hope we see more of them in the future. A character I really liked was Abe. This man is really mysterious and I am kind o thinking throughout the whole book, who is this man? We do find out who Abe really is at the end, and it was a complete shocker! I can't wait for more Abe in the next book.

We still get a glimpse at what is going on at the Academy because Rose is still shadow kissed to Lissa and she can see through the eyes of Lissa. At the Academy some new students get transferred and cause a bit of trouble for Lissa. And Lissa needs to learn to fight for herself because Rose is not going to be there for her forever. I think up until the end of the book Lissa was acting to reckless and was hurt that Rose left. I think that she does not know the feeling of being alone because she has always had Rose by her side and I think it is good for her to learn that Rose is not always going to be there. She has to learn to be strong herself, especially since she is in line to be queen.

Dimitri and Rose. Even though Dimitri is Strigoi now, I couldn't help but love the bad boy side of him. Dimitri seems to not have lost his wanting Rose which keeps her alive for a while. But he is not the same Dimitri that Rose saw last. He is a completely different person. I know that some people don't like the new Dimitri, but I like this dangerous side of him and I am glad that we got to see it. It is really hard to say what I want to say without giving too much away though. Rose and DImitri get to spend quite a bit of time together and when that time is over she has to pull it all together, remember who she is and what she beileves in and fight for her life. Even if it means she will never she the face of her beloved Dimitri again.

The ending was mind-blowing, well maybe I should say the last 200 something pages, it was hard to put the book down. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read Spirit Bound. There was so many questions at the end of Blood Promise that changes things for out heroine, Rose Hathaway. But she is a strong woman and will be able to handle whatever is thrown her way. Only two more books left and I really wonder how this Series will end. Richelle Mead is an author you guys really need to check out.