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Mystic City by Theo Lawrence

Mystic City - Theo Lawrence

“Go, Aria,” he pleads. “Before they get here.” But footsteps are behind me now. Voices fill my ears. Fingers dig into my arms, tearing me away. “I love you,” he says gently. And then they take him. I scream in defiance, but it is too late.

MYSTIC CITY is one of the best dystopian's on the YA Debut Author 2012 list! This beautiful heartfelt Romeo and Juliet story captivates you to no end and you are left wanting more! I started this book in the morning only wanting to read about 100 pages, but damn! I couldn't stop. When I put down the book I couldn't stop thinking about it that I was staring and staring at the book on my desk and I didn't stop reading until I turned the very last page. I rarely ever read books in a 24 hour period. That is how good this book is! Trust me, people!

“Aria,” Hunter whispers into my ear. “Yes?” “Just kiss me.” We press our lips together gently, and it’s like I am alive, on fire, like I can do anything in the world.

The story begins with us being introduced to Aria Rose, the daughter of dangerous and powerful Mr. Rose, and she is in recovering from recent memory loss. She was told by her family and doctors that she had an overdose on Stic, which is basically a drug created with mystic energy. She now finds out that she is now engaged to the Foster’s son, Thomas., but isn't he suppose the be the enemy? Rose's and Foster's have hated each other throughout time! She feels guilty because she doesn’t remember Thomas though and she is determined to try to remember their love at all cost, but finds some disturbing secrets to her so-called memory loss.

I will fix things. Heal the wounds my family has inflicted. Fight for love and truth and freedom. My father was right about one thing. Manhattan is my city.

Aria, our heroine of the story, is not one of those dumb heroines that make stupid decisions! She is quite smart and she is one of those who will do what she believes in even if it costs her very life! Throughout MYSTIC CITY she has been trying to remember Thomas, her betrothed, even pick up on memories of their time together, but things just do not add up, and as the reader you can tell that. And her family doesn't help matter much. They are very cold to me.

"Are you spying on me?" “Spying has such a dirty connotation,” Hunter says, running one of his hands up my back. “How about keeping watch?”

Hunter, is our hero of the story, and OMFG! I love him! I adored Hunter! He is such a bad ass! Well, kind of! He knows how to find and protect those he cares about! And he has this funny sense of humor when he is teases Aria! He referrers to himself as a super hero a lot of the time! Hunter is extremely gorgeous, strong and has a heart of pure love! You will absolutely adore him. And god, I Must not forget those love letters! He sure knows how to write!

“I put my family before myself, and that is how I built my life. There is not a choice when your family is involved.” He pauses. “If you do not choose your family, Aria, then we do not choose you. You will be stricken from the record, as if you’ve never existed.”

The villains of this story are very wicked! They absolutely disgust you to no end. I mean I had so many people I hated more than I liked, it was ridiculous! But everything evened out which was good! Aria's mother, father and brother are all power-hungry crazed monsters! I will say that they didn't help her trying to get her memory recovered and by actions they took and things they said. I was sickened reading about these characters, and a lot of that has to do with they are family! They are supposed to be her loved ones!

My love, my life. Every second I’m away from you is a second more that I live in the deepest, darkest agony. I only just saw you, but now I’m home, and your phantom kisses still live on my lips, on my cheeks, and in my heart. When will we run away together?

As I said MYSTIC CITY was amazing! No doubt about that! If I had to say one negative thing about it, which I do have to mention, it is that this book is incredibly predictable. I have never really read a book where I absolutely knew what was going to happen and who was the cause of the problem was! I mean, you knew things just by some of the characters actions and clues Aria found concerning her memory loss. But still! I loved it! Even though I knew what was going to happen, I adored this book immensely! I cannot wait for Renegade Heart and hope it's as awesome as MYSTIC CITY was!

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