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No Rest For the Wicked by Kresley Cole

No Rest for the Wicked - Kresley Cole

I didn't expect much from No Rest for the Wicked, but as soon as I got into the story I became unable to stop reading the book. I don't know where Kresley Cole has been all my life, but after reading two books in the Immortal After Dark Series, I can honestly say I'm in LOVE and a fan for LIFE!

The bad ass and heartless Valkyrie, Kaderin was our heroine in this one and even though I enjoyed the story immensely, I didn't enjoy Kaderin. Kaderin was just too cold to me. Don't get me wrong, I love bad ass chicks, but there were times that I thought that she went way over the top. I understand her background with vampires and all, but still. I know a lot of readers liked Kaderin, but I was not one of them. I could not stand her.

“I will tell you. In time. Anything you wish. I want there to be no secrets between us, because I’m going to... marry you.” “What? Whoa!” She scrambled away from him, real fear coursing through her. This was exactly why the night before shouldn’t have happened.

And for our hero of the story, we have Sebastian Wroth. Sebastian was everything a girl would dream he would be. I thought Sebastian was shy, and romantic, and sexy. And he did have that gentleman warrior vive going for him as well. I felt like Kaderin didn't deserve him at all. She treated him like crap.

No Rest for the Wicked was a really engaging story and had me on the edge of my seat, but I wasn't convinced of the couple of the story. I didn't really like them together and didn't enjoy them that much. In the beginning, I did a little bit. But it got really frusterating when it was the same thing over and over until we almost got to the end.

He could win her. He would win her after tonight. He’d known he would be a good husband, a good father, but he’d wondered if he could satisfy her in bed. Now he felt confident he could.

Sebastian trying to get somewhere with Kaderin and her not giving in. It was getting annoying. And besides I just didn't see any spark between these two characters at all. It just seemed like lust to me and not really love until the end. It's like Kaderin had been pushing Sebastian away again and again and like almost to the end she suddenly decides to trust him?? But a plus was the sex was really really hot! So hot that I was blushing over her like crazy!

All and all No Rest for the Wicked was a quick and fun read even though it frusterated me with the main character, *cough*Kaderin*cough* but I really really really enjoy this series and of course I will continue on. Besides one of my favorite characters in the series is next, Bowen! I can't wait to read his book and I am hoping I will like it more than No Rest for the Wicked!

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