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Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole

Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole

"A ballerina. And now a ghost." "A warlord and now a vampire." She couldn't help but chuckle at the disparity. "What a pair we make."

I held off DARK NEEDS AT A NIGHT'S EDGE for a long time, because I felt very nervous reading it. A ghost as the heroine? Seriously?! I just didn't think I would like it. I mean how was that going to work out?! But I bow down to you, Kresley Cole. You've made it work wonderfully and I could not for the life of me put down this book. I lost some sleep over it! I will never doubt you again, Kresley Cole.

When he raised himself up, he gave her a sexy, cocky grin that made her breath hitch. "I was good, wasn't I?"

DARK NEEDS AT A NIGHT'S EDGE is about Wroth brother, Conrad! And Oh, my! I have fallen in love with these Wroth Brothers! All of the brothers were present for this book and dear god, I want them all to myself. Sebastian will forever be my favorite Wroth brother though, Conrad in second place! Conrad is a tortured soul and you know that's how I like my hero's best. Becoming a vampire was something Conrad desperately didn't want, and he has been through a lot. My heart beat deep for him.

You told me you would've helped the Russian plunge his sword to be with me—I would've run into Louis's blade for a chance with you."

Néomi was our heroine and a ghost at that. I loved her, she was bright and so full of life and I think she is one of the many reasons I did enjoy the book. My heart burned for her. How she died was so devastating, it broke my heart, but because of the situations bother Conrad and Néomi are in now, him a vampire and her dying and becoming a ghost is how they have found each other. Conrad is very protective of Néomi and I love seeing that alpha male side to him! So , here's to another Kresley Cole book I ended up devouring!I definitely look forward to reading more of these Immortals After Dark books!