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House Rules by Chloe Neill

House Rules  - Chloe Neill

He stepped forward to keep our bodies aligned, and took my chin in his hand. "I will have you. Body, mind, and soul. And I won't share you with anyone else.”

I loved HOUSE RULES and it was really good. Things are amazing with Merit and Ethan and god, that man makes me swoon. Ethan moved Merit into his apartments so they are moving forward step by step in their relationship. In this installment, we have a killer vampire on the loose, more bullshit from the GP and Lacey trying to make her way back into Ethan. Quite a lot of things occurred in this book and it all made it awesome!

Ethan and Merit and strong. Lacey makes her way into the picture again. In the last book she appeared in, she seemed like a mature and respected woman, but in HOUSE RULES can we put the term spoiled little brat out there. She was like this little bug that wouldn't go away. And honestly, I"m embarrased for her. And thank god, by the end Ethan stood up for the Merit and his relationship and kicked her out. Not to say I didn't have a disappointed in Ethan moment. I did.

“I looked at Jonah. “I’m still learning who you are. And you’re my partner, so I appreciate that you’re willing to take a punch for me.” I walked to Ethan and glared up at him. “But you know better than this, Ethan Sullivan.”

Merit is in the RG now with Jonah as her partner, we get a little thrown into that and see what it's like. And apparently all RG partners are like lovers and its awkward being the only one out when you are so in love with your Master Vampire. I truly believe if there was no Ethan. There would be a Jonah and Merit. I see the potential there for that relationship and I think it would have sparked like crazy. I enjoy Jonah and glad her is apart of this series and Merit's life.

Ethan and Merit have a little argument about her being a member of the RG. Yup. He finds out, Which leads into an argument about Lacey wanting him, which it totally impossible according to him. What dude, are you blind? And I guess Jonah got thrown into the mix too. Haha! I felt for Merit and I wanted to slap Ethan. I loved the argument, but it was a painful fight to witness. But the makeup made it worth it! I really enjoyed this book a lot. I am really looking forward to the next one!